In certain environments, a quiet misting pump is needed when a high-pressure misting system is operated.  Where speech or conversation warrants quiet conditions or if the location of the high-pressure pump is close to the placement of the misting system, the misting system needs to be altered.

Big Fogg solves this noise issue by offering its quiet stainless-steel high-pressure misting systems, as an alternative. These misting systems are equipped with quieter pulley driven pumps that still provide the same excellent high-pressure misting as the other misting systems. They also operate at 1000 psi and result in ‘flash evaporation’, without wetness. Big Fogg pulley driven high-pressure pumps have a pump enclosure that further deadens the sound of the pump. As with all its products, the Big Fogg High-Pressure Quiet Misting System are made with high quality components and superb workmanship.

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