Big Fogg High-Pressure Nylon Misting Systems provide the combination of the premiere misting systems with ease of a mid-pressure or a low-pressure misting system. These misting systems come with a spool of nylon line that can be cut and pasted to any design required for your installation. The Big Fogg Nylon High Pressure Kits are equipped with nozzle slip locks bodies that allow for easy placement between the nylon line. Simply click in nylon misting line on one side and then slip in the nylon line on the other side of the slip lock nozzle union. If you decide to remove the nozzle from the line simply, you can just remove the nozzle union and place more line in its place.

Big Fogg carries a variety of high-pressure nylon misting systems. Feel free to call the experts at Big Fogg at 951-587-2460 to discuss your nylon misting system needs.

From the balcony to the backyard, this residential misting system keeps the homeowners cool every time they step outside.