High-Pressure Stainless Steel and Bar

Big Fogg offers an array of high-pressure misting systems that come in different sizes, material configurations and nozzle options. These high-pressure misting systems are equipped with a delivery system of either stainless steel or nylon line.

Big Fogg builds, designs, and installs custom high-pressure misting systems, based upon the specifications of the project. These customized units are built for keeping people cool. They can be used for a variety of outdoor structure purposes, such as backyard misting and  patio misting for residences, restaurants and resorts.  In addition, these custom-built high-pressure misting systems can be used to help control the humidity inside facilities, for dust suppression misting, transformer misting, odor control misting, process cooling and even air conditioner pre-cooling misting.

Below is a list of the standard options available for purchase over the internet.

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