Big Fogg Wind Chill Overhead Misting Fan


The Big Fogg Wind Chill Overhead Misting Fan is designed specifically for patio cooling. It provides precise control of the cooling because of the proprietary vented deflector plate that allows adjusting of the direction of the air flow. This ability is further enhanced with the nozzle swivel fittings that allow up to 30 degree adjustment to the direction of the water. Together, these features make the Wind Chill patio cooling fan the best performing product on the market.

This fan is available in a variety of designer colors and finishes including antique bronze, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, copper, chrome, and satin nickel. The appearance of the unit can be enhanced by including customized appliqués.

The unit includes a high velocity fan that provides over 2000 cfm air flow. The air flow is used to carry the fog, creating a contained ‘wind chill’ and adding to the fans cooling capability. The Wind Chill can cover from 400 square feet to 900 square feet and includes 10 cleanable swivel nozzles on an enclosed stainless steel fog ring. The unit also includes a ¾” mounting adapter and uses standard ceiling mount hardware. This product does not include the High-Pressure Pump. You need to order the Direct Drive High-Pressure Pump in the Big Fogg Pump section of the website.