Wall Mounted Misting Fans

Big Fogg provides a large variety of Wall Mounted Misting Fans. These Walls Mounted Misting fans come in both Oscillating and Non-Oscillating version come in 18”—24”—30” and 36” models. Big Fogg’s 18 inch Wall Mounted Misting Fans comes with 5 high-pressure nozzles and a number of them can be configured to operate off one high-pressure pump.

The 24” and 30” Wall Mounted Misting Fans also operate off a high-pressure pump module at 1000 PSI and have 316 stainless steel rings with 8 or 10-high pressure nozzles. The 24” Wall Mount Misting fan head is the same model used on Big Fogg Pedestal Misting Fans at the 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona.

The 36” Wall Mount Misting Fan is a custom built unit and could have anywhere between 12 to 18 nozzles and come in a single or two stages fogging/misting systems.

Please call Big Fogg technicians at 512-568-1705 or 951-587-2460 to discuss what works best for your application.