Humidity Vaporizer Misting

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The Big Fogg Vaporizer Misting System combines nature's built in odor-fighting capability with Big Fogg's proprietary vaporizing technology. This combination results in a remarkable misting system that is extremely effective in eliminating odors, completely safe and environmentally-friendly, easy to install and inexpensive to operate.

The system begins with Big Fogg Odor Neutralizer, a complete blend of natural plant extracts, essential oil and emulsifiers that have been scientifically proven to destroy and eliminate sources of foul orders.

This Big Fogg Vaporizer utilizes the Odor Neutralizer in most effective way possible; as a millions of extremely small 1-micron droplets. The odor neutralizer is then delivered to the source of the odor problem using an industrial grade regenerative blower. This enhances its odor fighting capabilities, while providing long-term, easy-to-use trouble free operation. The Big Fogg Vaporizer is engineered to withstand the rigors of the waste treatment environment. Call an industrial cooling expert at Big Fogg today to see if this product is right for you.