Sports Misting Systems

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BIG FOGG is the primary provider of misting fans and misting systems for the National Football League and all major NCAA games. Big Fogg technicians have set up its unique high pressure Misting Fans on the sidelines of every Super Bowl game since 2001. In addition Big Fogg has setup its Misting Fans at every Pro Bowl since 1999 and on the sideline of every game for the USC Trojans, LSU, UCLA, Michigan, Florida, University of Miami and Florida State.

BIG FOGG also uses its unique Misting Fans and systems at other sporting events including Major League Baseball All-Star Game, NASCAR, Motor Sports, US Tennis, Rugby and the PGA professional golf tour.

When you choose Big Fogg Misting Fans you actually use the same Misting Fan that the pros use. Our Misting Fans are on the NFL and NCAA sidelinesand not a copycat Misting Fan backed by false accusations. Please call the experts at Big Fogg to provide a custom proposal for all your outdoor cooling, misting system and misting fan needs. When you work with Big Fogg for Misting Fans you are working with the leader in the sports misting industry and the original company to use Misting Fans at a sporting event.

Big Fogg Knows Sports. Look at where we’ve been…
Big Fogg Misting worked the 2010 NCAA Championship Game at Rose Bowl
Big Fogg Misting works with the NCAA Baseball World Series
Big Fogg Misting works with several Motorsports events
Big Fogg Misting can be seen on PGA golf tours
Big Fogg Misting Fans are seen on Florida Gator Sideline
Big Fogg can be seen in the dugout of MLB teams
Big Fogg can be seen on the sidelines of LSU and USC college games

Testimonial University of Southern California
"On days in Southern California or in the South, like when we went to Alabama, Big Fogg Misting Systems are critical. It rejuvenates the players and gives them an extra edge. USC was the first NCAA or NFL team to place Misting Fans on their sidelines back in 1993. Christopher Miehl of Big Fogg set up on our sidelines and proved to us the benefits of using Misting Fans for sideline cooling in a football sideline. Not only does it keep the players safe but enhances their performance on the field. Ever since 1993 we have worked with Christopher and Big Fogg to provide outdoor cooling Misting Fans or heating benches for every USC game, home and away."

Dino Dennis
Head Equipment Manager
University of Southern California
2004 & 2005 National Champions,
2007, 2006 Rose Bowl Champions, 2008
Orange Bowl Champions