PVC Outdoor Misting System with Standard Mid Pressure Pump

Big Fogg Misting System's PVC misting system consists of a high quality and low cost rigid PVC. It includes 18 of special UV protected schedule 40 pipe and is designed tp work with the mid-pressure pump. Combined with a mid-pressure pump this system will provide the best outdoor cooling system without the expense of a high-pressure system. This misting system clears out smoke and airborne particles and repels unwanted insects.

Misting Kit includes everything necessary for an easy installation including:

10 Brass Misting Nozzles
18 of Rigid PVC

This misting system is paintable and can be expanded using misting tees and extra nozzles. Also available with six-inch misting arm that are easily attached to 3/8 inch in line nozzle. Provides exact directional control of mist and allows for hidden installation.