Air Fogger-26" Misting Fan


Big Fogg's Air Fogger is one of the most powerful portable misting fans on the market. By combining a high pressure centrifugal misting system with a 26"  powerful blower fan, this Big Fogg misting fan offers OUTSTANDING performance. Heavy-gauge, anticorrosive metal construction makes this self-contained misting system ideal for commercial, industrial, agriculture and horticulture use. This NEW AIR FOGGER cools 1,500 square feet and features a 5-hour run time with each full tank.


Covers up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Designed for commercial, residential, agriculture & horticulture applications

Constructed of heavy-gauge, anticorrosive metal

Centrifugal misting system eliminates the problem of clogged nozzles

Quiet, high-efficiency fan motor

Adjustable misting flow with fully-insulated seal around the pump

Oscillating fan head covers a wide area