Austin, Texas & Temecula, CA: ESPN X Games & Schlitterbahn Water Resort has hired Big Fogg, Inc. to supply its misting systems at its world-class action sports competitions taking place in Austin, Texas from June 6 to 8 at Circuit of the Americas. For the games, Big Fogg will set up three 15’x15’ High-Pressure Misting Inflatables, twenty High-Pressure Misting Fans including 4 High-Pressure Pumps, four 10’x10’ Misting Tents with 2 High-Pressure Pumps, and four Revolution High-Pressure Misting Fans with 2 High-Pressure Pumps. In addition, Big Fogg will also be servicing, maintaining and operating the 17 High-Pressure Misting Fans owned by ESPN during the games.

Big Fogg offers the highest of quality Misting Tents and Misting Inflatables and are the only company that builds its systems in-house. The Big Fogg equipment can be customized as its service also provides designing, building, and installation. Big Fogg Misting Systems rents a wide variety of Misting Systems and Misting Fans across the country.

In 2014, Big Fogg has been hired for many major significant outdoor events. These include the FINA Women’s Intercontinental Water Polo Tournament in Riverside, California, the USC Annenberg commencement ceremonies, and in Del Mar, California for the Cox Communications Event. Big Fogg’s Misting Systems will also be keeping athletes cool at the San Diego Chargers training camp locations this summer, as well as helping preserve life in the El Cajon’s, California, Butterfly Habitat at the Water Conservation Garden. Big Fogg will also be providing their Misting Fans and Evaporative Cooling units at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival.

Big Fogg’s High-Pressure Misting Systems and Misting Fans cool people and places, based on evaporation cooling processes which produce a very fine mist that helps relieve the environment of its heat stress. When the water droplets are released into the hot air, they absorb the heat present in the air and get released as vapor. The change from liquid to gas creates a cooling effect. High-Pressure Misting Fans can produce even greater cooling effects, which is more suitable for more expansive and open spaces.

Known for its high level of quality and service, Big Fogg Misting Systems sells and rents its line of misting systems to varied customers around the globe. They can service outdoor cooling, industrial cooling, commercial, residential misting and even heating needs. Big Fogg’s technical knowledge, experience and broad product line allow it to service a wide range of performance levels and budgets, from local residential needs to those of large domestic and international companies.

If you have any outdoor heat issues, please contact Big Fogg as they should have the solution for you. Find more information on Big Fogg’s products and services at www.bigfogg.com. Call Big Fogg at 1-888-853-1728 for a quotation.