:: AFC - NFC Championship Game

This weekend, Big Fogg will provide Heating Benches to the NFL for the AFC Championship game in Foxboro and Misting Fans for the NFC championship game in Atlanta. Big Fogg will also be at the Pro Bowl Game in Hawaii on January 27, 2013.

These three major football events will highlight a very busy NFL postseason for Big Fogg with either its outdoor cooling or its heating systems being on the sidelines for almost all the games.

Mr. Christopher Miehl, president of Big Fogg was on the sideline for the exciting Denver Bronco-Baltimore Raven game last weekend. He stated “It must have been one of the coldest games that Big Fogg has ever worked during playoffs since the AFC Championship game between the Chargers and Patriots in 2009, when the wind chill was -13 degrees. The Denver fans were amazing, jumping up and down and yelling until the last second of the double overtime game.”

Big Fogg will supply twelve of its heating benches for the Patriots-Ravens playoff game in Foxboro on Sunday, January 20th and six misting fans at the Dome in Atlanta. 2013 will mark the 14th year in a row Big Fogg has set up its Misting Fans on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

A little over a week ago on Monday night, Big Fogg Misting Fans were on the Alabama sidelines as they beat Notre Dame and won its third NCAA Football National Championship in four years.

Big Fogg has been designing, building and installing its Misting Systems across the United States and Canada since its inception in 1999. Big Fogg specializes in providing outdoor cooling and heating systems in restaurants, residences, resorts, hotels and even on cruise lines. As Big Fogg continues to expand, it is actively looking for distributors to represent its line of cooling and heating products.

The industrial cooling/misting market has recently very active for Big Fogg, providing many jobs in the odor control, dust suppression, humidification, transformer cooling and factory cooling environments.

Big Fogg also sells to the US military, with an emphasis on its six Fan Misting Trailers. In the international market, it sells its misting systems, misting fans and inflatable misters. Big Fogg’s management spent two weeks in Vietnam last year researching opportunities in the SE Asia marketplace.

Please contact Big Fogg at 888-853-1728 for rental or sales information on outdoor heating, cooling and misting systems at your next event or gathering.