:: Big Fogg working NFL Playoff games this weekend in Atlanta, Denver and Foxboro


The NFL will once again partner with Big Fogg™ of Temecula, CA, Austin, TX & Jacksonville, FL to be its supplier for heating and cooling equipment for this weekend’s playoff games.

Big Fogg will supply eight of its heating benches for the Broncos-Ravens playoff game in Denver on Saturday, January 12. Its technicians will be setting up and operating another eight heating benches for the NFL at the New England Patriots and Houston Texans game in Foxboro on Sunday.

Big Fogg will set up and operate its misting fans to cool players for the Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks game at the Dome in Atlanta on Sunday. Big Fogg is providing its Heating Benches and Misting Fans at three of the four playoff games this weekend. As the late Tim Davey said “This is the best weekend of football of the year since you have the best eight teams playing in four games.”

This past Monday night, Big Fogg Misting Fans were on the Alabama sidelines as they beat Notre Dame and won its third NCAA Football National Championship in four years.

In addition to supplying cooling and heating equipment for top professional and college teams, Big Fogg provides a wide range of outdoor cooling and heating equipment for rent or purchase for businesses and individuals all over the USA. It designs, builds and installs its systems for cooling comfort in many outdoor areas including patios, pool areas and walk ways. One of its specialties is cooling and misting equipment designs and installations for restaurants and resorts.

Big Fogg rents its equipment for corporate events, concerts, fairs, festivals and special events. For example, Big Fogg provided its Misting Fans at both the Republican and Democratic conventions in Orlando, FL and Charleston, NC during the 2012 political season.

Big Fogg’s team of engineers can design, build and install specialty industrial misting systems that not only cool workers, but also control dust and odor problems. Big Fogg has expertise in controlling humidity levels in factories and plants with its automated misting systems.

Please contact Big Fogg at 888-853-1728 for any information on our climate control or outdoor cooling units.

(Photo: Misting Fan from Alabama sideline at the NCAA Championship game on 1-7-13 in Miami between Alabama and Notre Dame)