Big Fogg Wall-Mounted Oscillated Aerodynamic Molded Shroud Misting Fans


Big Fogg recently introduced a smart looking wall-mounted oscillating misting fan available in diameters of 24” . The Big Fogg Aerodynamic Molded Shroud directs the mist in a manner that both enhances evaporative cooling and provides superior flash evaporation without wetness.

The Wall Mounted Misting fans is capable of four different pin setting adjustments and therefore can be set to meet specific misting needs. The stainless steel ring around the front of the fan includes eight (8) high-pressure nozzles with brass “anti-drip” devices.

This fan can be manufactured to you specifications and installed to either 115vAC or 220vAC electrical outlet. Once the Big Fogg High-Pressure Pump unit is installed and the system is operative, you can relax and enjoy the cooling this pleasant looking unit provides, knowing it is also a very economical method to cool. Call Big Fogg and let us supply you with a free customized quotation.

24” Wall Mounted Misting Fan

            Aerodynamic, dent-resistant fan shroud

            Stainless Steel Ring with replacement brass

            Anti-drip nozzles, 8-.08

            Unique Nozzle Design to Minimize Clogging

            NEMA rated, 17000 RPM, adjustable speed fan motor

            7000 cfm at high end

            Whisper quiet fan blade design for minimal operating noise

            115 vAC, 1 ph, 60 hertz, Amps 3.9

            Heavy power cord

            Wall Mounted Misting Fan Bracket Included

            Misting Fan Weight with bracket = 55 lbs