:: Big Fogg to Supply Heating Benches for Bears & Viking on Monday Night Football, 12-20-10

Sideline of UFL Championship Game in Omaha.

Temecula, CA & Jacksonville, FL: The roof collapsing at the Minnesota Metro dome caused the Bears-Vikings game to be moved to the University of Minnesota outdoor stadium. Due to frigid conditions on the field, by the National Football League commissioned Big Fogg to supply its Sideline Heated Benches for both team’s sidelines. This Monday Night Game on December 20th, 2010 will be one of the many games between these two rivals during its 40 years on television.  A number of old time football legends, such as Bud Grant, will be attending. Also, viewers may see Bret Favre play for the last time against the resurgent Bears, led by Jay Cutler.

These same Heating Benches were used at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor last week.  They kept the NCAA College Hockey players warm and safer at the outdoor Michigan-Michigan State game. This game was significant, as it set the world record for largest attendance for a hockey game, as over 113,000 fans were in the stands.

Big Fogg has had a very busy 2010 football season, supplying its unique Misting Fans, Sideline Heating Benches and Radiant Heaters at over 200 NFL and major NCAA games. In 2010, both the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders purchased the new Big Fogg Sideline Misting Fan System. They were impressed with the system’s performance. Brad Mellon, Head Trainer for the Browns stated “For over a decade, we have been using Big Fogg Misting Fans on our sidelines. We are happy and pleased to have purchased the new Big Fogg professional sideline Misting Fan Systems as they cool down the temperature to keep our athletes comfortable and avoid heat exhaustion. What’s even more important is that they enhanced our player’s performance which gives us a competitive advantage. These news fans are easy to use, easy to transport and easy to maneuver. Big Fogg helps us take care of our team.”

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