:: UFL Commissions Big Fogg to Provide its Heating Benches & Radiants at Championship Game

Sideline of UFL Championship Game in Omaha.

Big Fogg, Inc will provide its Heating Benches and Radiant Heaters for both sidelines at the second annual UFL Championship Game in Omaha, Nebraska over Thanksgiving weekend 2010.

The football players for the Florida Tuskers and Las Vegas Locos will be comfortable and protected from the cold on Saturday, November 26, 2010.

Brendan Rowe, VP of Football Administration for the UFL has been working with Big Fogg since his days as an executive with the Cleveland Browns in the early 2000s.

Rowe maintains "We always use Big Fogg to supply sideline heating and cooling. Big Fogg sideline cooling and heating systems are by far the best performing in the marketplace and their technicians are reliable, professional and easy to work with. Big Fogg keeps our players safe and protected from excessive heat or cold."

Thanksgiving 2010 has been a busy weekend for Big Fogg across the country. Some of the other games that will have Big Fogg heating benches and radiants include Texas & Texas A & M, Iowa & Minnesota, Louisville & Rutgers, Cincinnati & Connecticut, Stanford & Oregon State and Michigan & Ohio State.

Big Fogg's Misting Fan will also be working this weekend including at UCLA & Arizona State, USC & Notre Dame and Miami & South Florida(depending on weather). Big Fogg has been hired by Oregon for the civil war at Oregon State on December 4, which could decide the national championship game.

Last week in Hawaii, Big Fogg set up Misting Fans at the SJSU/UH game. Christopher Miehl, President of Big Fogg joked "Working that game was so tough, it must have been 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky."

In addition to sports cooling and heating, Big Fogg design, builds and installs a variety of outdoor cooling and outdoor heating systems for almost any application. n 2010 Big Fogg's work included large humification misting jobs that entailed installing approximately one mile of high pressure stainless steel line and automating the release of misting based on temperature and humidity. Big Fogg also designed, sold and installed dust suppression misting systems, odor control misting, air conditioning cooling, electrical transformer cooling and process and man cooling on for factories.

Big Fogg rents, designs, sells and installs custom designed misting systems and heating systems. For more information please call toll free 888-853-1728 or visit www.bigfogg.com for more information.