:: Big Fogg will be on the sidelines at 20 NCAA Football Games & 8 NFL Games this Weekend

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 Starting Thursday night, Big Fogg™ was the supplier of its High-Pressure Misting Fans to the Minnesota Vikings for their rematch against the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl. Big Fogg was on the sidelines for last year’s NFL Championship Game and the Vikings requested the same system.

Big Fogg has already been busy setting up its misting fans at pre-season NFL games and for the first week of college football games. The Cleveland Browns and the Wisconsin Badgers have purchased the new premium sideline Misting Fans for their 2010 season. The initial reaction from Cleveland Browns has been one of delight as they loved their sixteen (16) new High-Pressure Misting Fans that were set-up at their final pre-season game against the Chicago Bears.

Below is the list of NFL & NCAA Games that will have Big Fogg Misting Fans on their sidelines this opening week of the NFL:

Big Fogg will also be supplying its misting equipment for several high school misting football games on Friday night.

In the post 9/11 era, places like the West Point Army base have taken extra precautions to make sure everything is safe and secure at the their games. Christopher Miehl, President of Big Fogg, remembers walking into the first Super Bowl after 9/11 in February, 2002 at the Super Dome in New Orleans: “I thought to myself that this event must be the safest place in the world to be with the amount of police and military forces protecting the event. At the game, I will never forget Bono of U2 lifting his jacket and showing all the names of the 9/11 victims.”

NFL & NCAA Football Games on 9/9, 9/11 or 9/12 NFL: Big Fogg System
Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints at NO Misting Fans
Cleveland Browns vs Tampa Bay at TB Misting Fans
Jacksonville Jags vs Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Misting Fans
San Francisco vs Seattle Seahawks at Seattle Misting Fans
Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles at Phil Misting Fans
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons at Pitt Misting Fans
Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts at Houston Misting Fans
Notre Dame vs Michigan at Notre Dame Misting Fans
Alabama vs Penn State at Alabama Misting Fans
Michigan State vs Florida Atlantic at Detroit Misting Fans
Tennessee vs Oregon at Tennessee Misting Fans
Colorado vs California at California Misting Fans
Army vs Hawaii at West Point Misting Fans
Wisconsin vs San Jose State at Wisconsin Misting Fans
Florida vs South Florida at Florida Misting Fans
Ohio State vs Miami at Ohio State Misting Fans
Iowa vs Iowa State at Iowa Misting Fans
Tulsa vs Bowling Green at Tulsa Misting Fans
Texas vs Wyoming at Texas Misting Fans
Buffalo vs Baylor at Baylor Misting Fans
Stanford vs UCLA at UCLA Misting Fans
USC vs Virginia at USC Misting Fans
Rutgers vs Florida Intl at Miami Misting Fans
San Diego State vs New Mexico State at NMS Misting Fans
Northwestern vs. Illinois State at Northwestern Misting Fans
LSU vs. Vanderbilt at Vanderbilt Misting Fans
Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A & M at College Station Misting Fans

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