24 Wall Mounted Medium-Pressure Dugout Misting Fan


Big Fogg’s Medium and High-Pressure Dugout Oscillating Misting Fans provide optimum cooling and comfort. They are designed to keep you cool while also reducing wetness by misting a larger area thereby decreasing water buildup in one spot. 

These Dugout Oscillating Misting Fans were very popular in the dugouts with the Arizona State, USC and Fresno State National Champion players at the 2008 NCAA Baseball Championships. As a result, Big Fogg has designed a combination of Medium-Pressure and High-Pressure Dugout Oscillating Misting Fans.


Know you will get the best quality Big Fogg has to offer when using the Dugout Oscillating Misting Fans. Our quality control department builds and tests these units before shipping them from the factory.

24” Wall Mounted Oscillating Mid-Pressure Dugout Misting Fan Specs:
 ½ HP Motor, 50/60 Hz (outdoor rated)
250-300 PSI / 17 Bar
Brass Rotary Pump (very quiet)
By-Pass Regulator Valve
Durable Powder Coated Coat Finish
Solenoid Valve
6 ft./1.8m Power Cord
Attaches to standard ¾” garden hose fittings and standard household 115 electrical outlet
On/Off Switch

Cool Features:
The Medium-Pressure Dugout Oscillating Misting Fan pumps have a solenoid valve that cuts off the water supply through the system when the pump is turned off eliminating wasteful water dripping.

Enhance the radius and effectiveness of a Misting Fan by using an OSCILLATING MISTING FAN. This will provide cooling for a much larger area, sometimes up to three times as much, and will eliminate water buildup.


Industrial grade aluminum blades that are sealed and outdoor rated
Rigid motor mounts for easy installation
A ten-foot, 115 volt grounded cord is attached and the fans are pre-wired with heavy duty cords.
The usage of the misting fans’ stainless steel rings and four .008” nozzles decrease wetness for maximum comfort.
Meets OSHA requirements.
Available in Black or White