Mid-Pressure Misting System – Standard

Big Fogg’s Standard Misting Line consists of our traditional Mid-Pressure Orbiz Pump 160 PSI and Poly-Hose Misting Line with Composite Misting Nozzles. This Mid-Pressure System reduces outdoor temperature up to 25 degrees using only a few gallons of water a day. This Mid-Pressure Misting system provides a mid-pressure pump propelled mist that evaporates quickly. This 160 psi Mid-Pressure Misting System comes with Poly Hose Misting Line. This Mid-Pressure Misting system is all inclusive with everything that all you need for an easy installation. Components: (1) Big Fogg Mid-Pressure Misting Pump, 180 PSI (88) Feet of 3/8 poly-hose - 250 PSI rated (24) Mid-Pressure Nozzles (20) Mid-Pressure Nozzle Tees (4) Nozzle Plugs End Plug, Mounting Clamps, Elbow, Brass Drain Valve Composite Couplers, Phosphate Filter