Mid-Pressure Misting-Nylon Line-Standard

Mid-Pressure Misting Fan-Nylon Line-Standard

Big Fogg’s Standard Misting Line consist of our standard Mid-Pressure Misting Pump and (60) Feet of Mid-Pressure Nylon Line with (20) Nozzle tees. This Mid-Pressure Misting System provides the finest mist at this level and includes the highest standard quality delivery components. This Mid-Pressure Misting System provides a High-Quality Finer Mist with smaller droplets that evaporates quickly. This Premium Misting Line Systems comes with ¼ Flexible Line System and a Standard 180 PSI/ .05 GPM Pump and Pump Lock Fittings. This Mist-Pressure Misting System is all inclusive coming with everything that you need for an easy installation.

(1) Big Fogg Standard Mid-Pressure Misting Pump, 180 psi, .05 GPM
(60) Feet of High-Pressure Nylon Tubing (Black or White)
(20) Premium Mid-Pressure Misting Tees with Nozzles
(4) Nozzle Plugs End Plug, Mounting Clamps, Elbows, Brass Drain Valve