Desert Fog Fan-(not including high pressure pump)


The Evolution are the latest innovation in climate control from Fogco. These units are designed to provide improved evaporative cooling and humidification and are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor applications. These products provide increased coverage of the system, improved absorption of the moisture, and uniform distribution of the fog. By integrating a focused horizontal air stream into the fog, the water droplets cover more area and are able to cool or humidify up to 5 times the amount of air compared to static line systems.

The Evolution are designed to be hung from the ceiling. They can be used to replace a typical ceiling fan or can be mounted from any overhead structure. The Evolution will also allow for portable applications by mounting it on the custom designed Evolution stand. Both units include an outdoor rated fan mounted in a treated enclosure with a stainless steel fog ring. The units are available with 50Hz/60Hz motors and are available in 115V or 230V. The Evolution provides 2100 cfm and uses 1.8 amps at 115V. The Evolution provides 600 cfm and uses 30 watts. It includes a 4 nozzle fog ring and can cover up to 400 square feet.

• Quiet axial fan
• 2100cfm Rev.
• 600cfm Evo.
• 50Hz/60Hz compatible
• 115V or 230V versions
• Treated housing
• Stainless steel nozzle fog ring
• 10-24 nozzle connections
• Ceiling mount or freestanding