Outdoor Cooling

If you search around the internet these days, or walk into a hardware store, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of products that provide outdoor cooling and relief for the heat. With so many options available how do I know which outdoor cooling systems will work and which outdoor cooling systems best meet your needs?

Outdoor Cooling encompasses a wide range of cooling systems including misting fans, mist systems, misting machines, patio misting systems, misters, portable misting systems, evaporative cooling systems, misting and evaporative cooling systems. With so much to choose from I will provide you with a few rules of thumb when deciding your next outdoor cooling purchase or misting fan rental. First for foremost make sure that the outdoor cooling company has been in the misting and cooling business for at least 10 years.

This will provide the comfort of knowing that if something goes wrong with the outdoor cooling or misting systems the company will still be around to assist you with your problems, provide excellent customer service and send you misting parts when something is broken. Be careful of companies that just import outdoor cooling and misting systems from China and only sell them off the internet. These companies are just order fillers and cannot provide the expertise to find a real solution to your heating problems. Look or outdoor cooling and misting system companies that can install the product or at least can suggest an associate in the area that can help with your misting system or outdoor cooling project. Avoid outdoor cooling companies that make broad general statements that cannot be backed up with proof. Statements like ‘you have seen our systems on sidelines of all major sporting events’ or ‘we work with every NFL team”.

However they do not indication what specific games they worked and or they have either none or misleading testimonials from the sports teams. Outdoor cooling and misting systems companies that make false accusations of their accomplishments will also make up false excuses why there product just don’t work. Finally when purchasing outdoor cooling systems specifically a Misting Fan, for most sports applications and industrial applications it is important that the misting fans oscillate.

An oscillating misting fan not only provides more coverage for the cooling but there is less chance of a water buildup when the misting isn’t constantly on one specific area. Big Fogg is one of the premier companies in the outdoor cooling and misting systems industry. Big Fogg management has been in the misting industry since 1993. Big Fogg rents, sells, designs, builds and installs outdoor cooling and misting systems across North America.

Big Fogg is the leader in the sports industry and for a fact the NFL has chosen Big Fogg to setup, maintain and operate its Misting Fans at 8 of the last 10 Super Bowl games and 12 Pro Bowls Games in Hawaii. Big Fogg sells a wide variety of misting systems and outdoor cooling, evaporative cooling misting systems and misting fans that oscillate. Choose Big Fogg for your all your outdoor cooling needs. They have the experience, reputation, product knowledge, track record, and customer service and product line to make you another satisfied customer.