Pet Misting Kit

Was: $29.95
When the weather gets hot it effects everyone including your pets. Big Fogg Misting Systems allow you to keep your animals cool with this easy to use and install pet misting kit. This pet misting kit is made of 1/4 inch base and compression fittings for water pressure up to 75 psi. Pet Misting Kit comes complete with 4 misting nozzles and 18' of misting line.

Contents of Kit
18' 75 PSI pressure rated UV resistant 1/4 inch poly tubing
1 3/4 inch spigot/garden hose adapter & filter washer
3 1/4 inch misting tees
1 1/4 inch misting elbow
4 Composite misting nozzles
4 Spring-loaded clamps

Please call Big Fogg Misting systems with any questions.