Mid-Pressure Outdoor Misting Kit- Standard


Big Fogg Misting System's Mid-Pressure Outdoor Misting Kit reduces the outdoor temperatures up to 25º using only a few gallons of water an hour. Big Fogg Misting Systems offer a variety of misting systems, including this easy-to-assemble, mid-pressure misting system designed to meet the requirements of the professional installer and the consumer who wants a budget friendly, mid-pressure misting system.

Mid-Pressure Misting Systems produce a finer, higher-quality misting that cools more effectively with less residual moisture, so you stay cool and dry.

Mid-Pressure Misting System includes:

• 25' of UV-resistant, mid-pressure (rated at 250 PSI), flexible, leader hose. Connects your standard 3/4" FHT faucet/spigot to the misting pump.

• 1 - Poly-Phosphate, Filter. Attaches between the leader hose and the booster misting pump. Helps keep misting nozzles clean in areas with hard water.

• 1 - Mid-Pressure Booster Pump. Increases household water pressure to 160 psi with 1/2 gallon per minute flow.

• 10' of 1/2" mid-pressure, supply misting line. Connects the pump to the misting line.

• 18 - Brass misting nozzle tees

• 18 - Brass/stainless steel misting nozzles

• 1 - Hose end cap

• 33 - Mounting Clamps with nails

• 1 - Adjustment screw


• Big Fogg Misting System's Mid-Pressure Misting System produces a finer, mid-pressure misting system than low- pressure misting systems, so its misting is more effective with less residual moisture.

• PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Our mid-pressure misting system provides strength & flexibility. The best misting hose for mid-pressure misting working pressures up to 250 PSI.

• Attaches to standard residential-type outdoor faucet.

• Uses standard 115 volt electrical connection. No adapters necessary.

• ALL FITTINGS WITH O-RING SEALS - Prevents leakage and insures security with hand tightening.

• MISTING FITTINGS - Eliminate corrosion and reduce nozzle clogging/scaling.

• EXPANDABLE - Up to 30 misting nozzles (60 feet).

• Mid-Pressure Misting System is backed by a one (1) year warranty against defects and workmanship

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