:: Big Fogg Odor Control Systems was selected by California Bio-Mass, Inc.

Big Fogg™ Misting Systems, Inc. of Temecula, CA was chosen on January 20, 2006 to offer a solution to a serious odor problem encountered by California Bio-Mass, Inc. of Thermal, CA, a composting company. Big Fogg Odor Control Systems was selected by this company to solve this problem, based upon its research into the diverse capabilities of Big Fogg. California Bio-Mass determined that Big Fogg’s equipment was not only the most effective product they found on the market, supported by the most experience and expertise of the other companies bidding for their business, but they also were offered an excellent warranty on the equipment. For this particular project, they selected a 300 Nozzle Big Fogg High-Pressure Odor Reduction Kit along with 3,000 feet of high-pressure nylon line.

Big Fogg Misting Systems Odor Control Systems can provide solutions to companies for odor problems where previously it appeared there was no solution for that problem.

During the 1950’s and 60’s, waste management plants were built in rural areas away from the general population. In California, large population growth contributed to skyrocketing real estate prices in the state, particularly in its western part. This caused many residents to move inland to find affordable housing. In time, homes began to be built near compost facilities. Citizens soon complained about the odor from these facilities.

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board Colorado River Basin Region reports that “California Bio-Mass, Inc. composts various wastes, including chicken and dairy manure, agricultural waste, non-treated wood, paper waste, residential or community garden green waste, food and grocery waste, gypsum, recycled wall board from new construction and liquid waste.” Odor problems are inevitable from such waste. Solving these odor problems is a real test for any company. “Our systems are capable of operating under the most challenging industrial conditions,” assures Christopher Miehl, CEO and President, Big Fogg Misting Systems, Inc., “and we were confident our products could solve this odor problem.”

Big Fogg™ Misting Systems Odor Neutralizer is able to destroy odorous compounds, as encountered by compared similar to California Bio-Mass by the use of active absorbent and bio-degrading agents. Unlike a perfume that can only “mask” the odor, Big Fogg’s system actually eliminates odors. When its process is complete, any obnoxious odor has disappeared.

Derived from only food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, Big Fogg Odor Neutralizer uses the world’s first and finest all-natural formula of essential oils, plant extracts, and pheromones, tested for performance and safety by independent laboratories. This method of odor control is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-flammable, water soluble and safe. As Californians continue to move eastward in the state, the demand for Big Fogg Misting Systems Odor Control Systems will remain high. Another advantage is that it is low in cost - the cost of the Neutralizer can be as low as three cents per hour to operate when dispensed at a 1:5000 dosage. It can sometimes be effective at a ratio as low as 1:50000.

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