JANUARY 11, 2007

Christopher Miehl Big Fogg
951-852-5885 chris@bigfogg.com
DAYTONA BEACH, FL (January 11, 2007) - Big Fogg, the premier supplier of misting fans and heating systems to the NFL and NCAA Football, is jumping headfirst in the motorsports market. Big Fogg will supply its misting systems to a number of teams in the Rolex/Grand American series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR Busch Series, NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, and the Indy Racing League. Big Fogg also will supply misting fans and heating systems to a number of race tracks around the country including Daytona International Speedway.

Big Fogg is introducing a new product line in conjunction with Riley-Matthews Motorsports to the racing market; an Inflatable Canopy with an integrated misting system. Ken Swan, Team Manager of Riley-Matthews Motorsports states, “We were looking for a better canopy system than we currently use and turned to Big Fogg for a solution. We needed something that would cut down on set-up and breakdown time along with integrating the misters. Big Fogg developed the inflatable canopy with the integrated misting system for us, and we look forward to using the new canopy throughout the 2007 season.” The canopy is currently in production and Riley-Matthews will take delivery in early spring for testing and plan to use the canopy at the Virginia International Raceway at the end of April.

“The misting systems and our misting canopy will go a long way in keeping the race teams refreshed throughout the long, hot weekends they spend at the track,” states Big Fogg’s VP of Motorsports, “The teams use different systems to keep their driver cool throughout the race, our goal is to keep the rest of the team cool and refreshed during the long stretches they are out in the direct sun and heat, dressed in multiple layers, fire suits etc. By keeping their core body temperatures near normal levels they reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.”

In 2006, Big Fogg Misting Fans was there for the Super Bowl, the 2006 Hall of Fame Game in Canton, the MLB All-Star Game, the Daytona 500, the Pepsi 400, the X-Games, the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, and the set of Pirates of the Caribbean III. Big Fogg provides misting fans and heating systems that keep athletes and sports fans comfortable all year long. Join our winning team for your next misting rental or purchase. We at Big Fogg will answer all your questions about our company and our products. Big Fogg’s Motorsports division is based in Jacksonville, FL and can be reached 904-571-9290 or you can visit our website at www.bigfogg.com.