Misty Mate 24 OZ DLX Bottle

Was: $99.95

Big Fogg Misting Systems is offering The Misty Mate® Pump™ HP 24 oz. premium size personal air cooler. Ideal for all day activities such as working outdoors or recreational activities such as trips to the zoo or fair, the Misty Mate­® Pump™ is the ideal personal cooling solution.

Lightweight! Weighing less than 3 lbs., the Misty Mate® Pump™ is so lightweight you'll hardly know your carrying it! Strap it comfortably around your waist or shoulder with the built-in strap.

Easy to use! Simply unscrew the cap, revealing the large mouth water bottle. Fill with water from any water source and pump it up! Built-in pump pressurizes the system. No Batteries, no motors!

Lasts for hours! Insulated tank keeps the water cold for hours. The 24 oz. model lasts an average of 4 hours used intermittently. Add ice cubes for a real cool sensation in high humidity. Includes 3 feet of flexible tubing with clip for attaching to hat, or whatever for hands free use. Great for any outdoor activity!

Sunbathing, hiking, biking, golf, spectator sports, fishing, boating construction, outdoor work, fairs, festivals, or anywhere, anytime its hot!

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