Mistscaping & Pool Misting

MISTING FANS - Mistcape pic 2.jpgBig Fogg Mistscaping Misting systems provide a unique way of adding fantasy-like misting effects to water features, garden areas, walkways, pools or landscaping. These Mistscaping systems utilize a custom designed assembly package that can be easily installed in a new construction project or a 20 year old landscape. Our Misting Systems uses a special designed misting risers and nozzles that transform the landscape into works of art.

Our Mistingscaping Misting Systems are designed to provide for quick and easy installation.  It includes a preset quality of all necessary components to cover a specific square foot area. Theses Mistscaping systems provides for ears of outdoor misting effects and outdoor cooling. These systems can be used to enhance any residential or commercial application.

Our Typical Mistscaping Kits come with either a High-Pressure of Mid-Pressure Misting Pump Module. Between 15 and 50 High-Pressure Nozzles connected to our unique risers. The Mist is delivered by high-pressure nylon line or stainless steel to fit in best with the landscape. Turn your lawn into a break taking paradise! Please call for a custom quote today.

Dive Into Great Deals with our Pool Misting services!

Big Fogg Pool Side Misting Effects Misting System is a patent pending product designed for discriminating homeowners and upscale pool and fountain projects.

Using the Big Fogg 1000 PSI Pump Module and custom fabricated assemblies, any pool, anywhere can be transformed into a landscape and fog effects masterpiece. The Pool Effects Misting feature is accomplished by installing special misting components during the construction of the pool. The nozzle fittings are recessed directly into the leading edge of the pool deck. The Misting Fog then rolls across the surface of the water creating a dramatic and ever changing display of fog. These nozzle fitting are installed around the parameter of the pool.

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