How to Install and Outdoor Misting System

A misting pump is a reliable, economical way of providing outdoor cooling. Ed Del Grande gives the step-by-step instructions for installing an outdoor misting system.

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Cool Zone Southern California

Back in 1994 in Los Angeles, Christopher Miehl started a Company named Cool Zone Misting with two other partners. It was moved to San Diego in 1995.

Cool Zone was a undercapitalized start-up company travelling a rocky road but we were able to accomplish some amazing things including the first misting fans on the sidelines of football games. In addition Cool Zone provided the its Inflatable Misters at World Cup 1994, Woodstock 1994 and its Misting Systems throughout the Olympics in 1996. Christopher Miehl personally negotiated the contract between Coca Cola and Cool Zone to place Coca Cola Cool Zones at all Six-Flag and Magic Mountain amusement parks around the world. As with many start-up companies Cool Zone was purchased by investment bankers in the late 1990s, brought into bankruptcy in 2000 and then moved from San Diego to Las Vegas. Last year Big Fogg attempted to partner with Cool Zone but due to Cool Zone’s financial position nothing was accomplished. Below are a few stories about the start of the misting system industry that are worth sharing.


Big Fogg’s Dust Suppression and Dust Control Misting Systems

In many indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial workplaces, there is an ongoing need for dust suppression. In today’s environmentally conscious environment, failure to address these issues can result in employee health issues, toxic water and air problems and leaves the company open to legal citations, government fines and even total plant shut-downs. Health risks include a possible reduction in oxygen intake by workers in the work area, as well as respiratory ailments and carcinogenic sicknesses. Worksite and warehouse dust problems may also lead to an additional problem of dust migration to other sites in the near proximity to the work site. This results in dust control problems that companies and residents that have no production of dust at their facilities.


The History of Sports Misting Fans: Big Fogg Misting Fans Dominates Sidelines while Cool-Off watching on Television

Big Fogg has been the primary misting fan supplier of Sports Misting Fans for both sale and rental across the country for over the last decade. Christopher Miehl, the President of Big Fogg remembers when he first placed Misting Fans on a college football sideline.

Patio Misting; The Best Way to Stay Cool in the Heat of the Summer:

The summer months can be the most fun time of the year with summer pool parties, barbeques and fun in the sun. It is also the time of year for summer sports like tennis, golf, basketball games, swimming and horse back riding. However, you have to be careful in the heat of the summer that you stay hydrated and cool to avoid the dangers of heat.

Misting Systems, Outdoor Cooling at Work or Play

The use of misting systems has grown exponentially over the last decade. Restaurants and resorts have been placing misting systems on their decks and patios to provide outdoor cooling for their patrons. The benefits of outdoor misting systems for restaurant owners are that it allows their customers to sit and enjoy the outdoor patio areas even in excessive heat. This allows for more tables to use at the restaurant or dining establishment, increasing by having serving more customers at one time. Restaurant misting works in either dry or humid areas by dropping the overall temperature by as much as 25 to 30 degrees.

What Benefits Does ‘Misting’ Provide?

The definition of misting on the free online dictionary states: “A mass of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near or in contact with earth”. Man has taken these fine droplets of water mist and has made them into a product that can be seen at sporting events, restaurant and resorts, fair and festivals and events across the world.

Misting Fans: What Are the Industrial Applications for Misting Fans?

Misting fans are probably most known for being on the sidelines of NFL and NCAA football games. However, they have a lot more uses than just sideline misting. Misting fans have been setup for event cooling at rock and country music concerts, fair and festival, zoos and theme parks, restaurants and resorts and any other type of event that needs outdoor cooling and protection from the heat.