Misting Systems

Big Fogg Misting Systems offers a large variety of different configurations and 
styles of Misting Systems for any application. The staff at Big Fogg designs, builds & installs misting systems including the premier stainless steel 
misting systems made for industrial cooling, patio misting, outdoor cooling, 
restaurant cooling, mist cooling system,  portable misting systems and outdoor 
misting systems specifically designed for each customer's applications. Many 
factors need to be considered when choosing the right misting system including 
wind direction, height of the misting systems, amount of humidity, time of day 
the misting system will be used along with cost and customer's cooling 

Big Fogg's staff can help you choose the highest quality misting sytem to solve 
your individual heat problem and provide maximum outdoor cooling and comfort. 
Big Fogg offers a combination of off the shelf outdoor cooling solution along 
with custom designed, built and installed misting systems. Big Fogg will suggest 
the best misting system for each customer. 


Types of Misting Systems

There are basically three types of misting systems, high-pressure misting 
systems, mid pressure misting systems and low pressure misting systems. The 
difference between these Misting Systems is the amount of psi (pressure) being 
forced through the nozzle. The rule for misting systems is the higher the 
pressure the smaller the droplets and the faster the evaporation. A high 
pressure misting system operates between 800 and 1200 psi and when used and 
installed correctly a process called flash evaporation cools without wetness.

What type of Big Fogg Misting Systemis best for each customer depends on the 
needs and the preference of each customer. High pressure misting systems also work best in 
restaurants, resorts, commercial and high end application where there is a low 
tolerance to wetness. High pressure misting systems sometimes combined with 
misting fans are the best choice in a humid environment.


For most people's 
backyard and patio misting areas the mid-pressure misting system is a good alternative. 
Call the friendly staff at Big Fogg Misting Systems to find out what Misting System works best for you.



:: Misting System Testimonial from Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort

"The misting systems designed, build and installed by BIG FOGG MISTING SYSTEMS are very effective, our customers appreciate the outdoor cooling and water misting without getting wet. Harrah's highly recommend BIG FOGG MISTING SYSTEMS for all your restaurant and resort outdoor cooling needs."

Property Operations Manager
Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort