High Pressure Nylon Misting System

Was: $2,299.99

Big Fogg Misting System's High-Pressure Misting System atomizes ordinary water into super fine 10-micron misting droplets, operating at 1000 PSI. The super fine misting droplets are flash evaporated by the hot air causing an immediate reduction in temperature, A misting pump module (CAT PUMP) which connects to your garden hose and a 110 VAC electrical outlet pressurizes the water to 1000 PSI and is forced through extremely small orifices (the size of a hair on your head) in the high-pressure misting nozzles. The misting nozzles are spaced apart in a misting tube that is attached to a wall on your patio. The Big Fogg High-Pressure Misting System operates without any dripping or wetting problems.

Standard features include 5 Micron Water Filtration, 1000 PSI Operating Pressure, On/Off Switch, Anti-Drip Misting Nozzles and 20 Micron Misting Droplets.
Misting System comes in 10 misting nozzle or 25 misting nozzle configuration.

1000 PSI Operation. Absolutely No Wetting or Dripping Easy to Install. Uses “Push On” Fittings. No tools requires. Misting System installation in less than a hour.
Misting System Nozzles may be added or removed at your discretion.
Misting System includes all required parts, misting pump module, misting nozzles, tuning and misting fittings

– Full 1 Year Warranty

If you have any questions please call Big Fogg Misting Systems at 888-853-1728.