Mid-Pressure Misting Pavilions


Big Fogg's Mid-Pressure Misting Inflatable is perfect to cool any outside activity. This Misting Infallible can be equipment with Velcro to attach banners to promote a company or a logo or trademark. The standard size for the Misting Inflatable is 15 feet long by 15 foot wide and 11 feet high, but can be build to meet almost any specifications. If you would like a higher degree of cooling, a high-pressure misting system could be expanded for the mid-pressure misting system.

Please call for pricing for high-pressure misting inflatable.

Misting Inflatable Includes:
15' x 15' x 11' Inflatable Misting Unit
Mid-Pressure Misting Pump operating at around 180 psi
18 Nozzles
Blowers for legs
Tie Downs
Carrying Bag