:: Misting Fans to cool thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina

Temecula, CA - Big Fogg, Inc., the nationally-known misting systems company based in Temecula, CA is using misting fans to cool thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina from the hot and humid weather encountered this time of year in the Gulf Coast area.

“Our high-pressure misting fans were in route to the LSU stadium in Baton Rouge for their home game against Arizona State last Saturday,” explains company President and CEO Christopher Miehl. From the Big Fogg warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida, Director of Sports and Operations, Madeleine Combs phoned LSU equipment manager, Greg Stringfellow, and asked him for a post-Katrina update. “We were advised that the game would be moved to Arizona State since LSU was in no shape to host a football game, but instead the university would be helping flood evacuees from Katrina”, said Combs. Stringfellow requested that the misting fans remain at LSU to provide relief to the stranded hurricane victims from the sweltering heat. Combs gladly authorized the redeployment of the Big Fogg equipment to the LSU hospital area.

Soon the big fans were cooling injured flood victims and medical teams at the triangle unit. Post-triangle, the Big Fogg fans went to the LSU evacuee staging area, where lines of weary civilians were cooled as they waited patiently to hear where they were being relocated. The teams of volunteers welcomed a little cool relief, too.

Another ten (10) Big Fogg misting fans were requisitioned by the US Navy and are currently en route to Gulfport, Mississippi to cool down a Navy construction battalion and civilian workers doing emergency road reconstruction there. The shipment should be in Gulfport by mid-week.

Big Fogg misting fan’s micro-droplet technology is able to lower ambient temperature up to 30 degrees without wetness. Big Fogg’s oscillating high-pressure misting fans are used for homes, restaurants, and businesses. You will see them in action on TV at NFL and NCAA games.

On Friday, September 23rd the National Football League commissioned Big Fogg to provide its unique high-pressure Misting Fans at the 49ers-Cardinals game in Mexico on October 2nd. Already this year Big Fogg Misting Fans have cooled down an average of 30-35 NFL & NCAA sidelines every weekend. Sidelines in Florida were especially hot were the Seattle Seahawks rented Big Fogg units for their game against Jacksonville on opeing day. With temperatures over 100 degrees on the field, Head Athletic Trainer Sam Ramsden of the Seattle Seahawks said "Our sidelines looked like a MASH unit with all the IV units going with fluids to keep our players hydrated. Big Fogg Misting Fans did an excellent job of keeping the players cooled and refreshed during the extreme heat".

The Miami Dolphins just purchased (8) 36" Misting Fans for their sidelines cooling in 2005 On opeing day the temperature on their field reached 115 degrees and the Big Fogg Misting Fans saved the day on both sidelines at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Opening day for National Champion USC Trojans was against the University of Hawaii on the Big Island. The temperatures and humidity approached 99 degrees and 99 percent respectively. Dino Dennis, Equipment Manager at USC said "Big Fogg Misting Fans allowed our players to perform at their peak level along with keeping them safe from the heat".

Big Fogg Misting Fans have been a cool addition at many notable venues, from Major League Baseball and NASCAR to Walt Disney’s 50th Anniversary Party in Anaheim to Brad Pitt’s 40th Birthday Party at MGM in Las Vegas and at Temecula Valley’s own International Jazz Festival. Later in the fall as outdoor temperatures change from hot to cold, Big Fogg heating benches will help warm the bodies of sports teams in northern latitudes to a cozy 70 degrees, as the ambient temperature on the field can fall well below freezing.

For more information on how Big Fogg Misting Systems can provide your cooling or heating needs, contact the company directly at www.Bigfogg.com or at 888.853.1728.