Industrial Misting Rings

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Big Fogg Misting System's Stainless Steel Retrofit Misting Rings are the easiest and most economical way for outdoor cooling or industrial misting. Simply retrofit your existing industrial fans with the Big Fogg retrofit misting ring kits. These Stainless Steel Misting Rings are made to be used with high-pressure misting pump (800 psi or above). However they can be used with mid-pressure misting systems or be connected directly to a hose. Call for a custom quote.

Retro-Kit Misting Ring Specs:
Standard Misting Ring: 15" misting ring diameter, (4) misting nozzles, (6)misting nozzles or 8 misting nozzles; including 8 feet of manifold line and quick disconnect
Larger Misting Ring Diameter: 25" misting ring diameter, (10) nozzles including 6 feet of manifold line and quick disconnect Two-Stage Stainless Steel Misting Rings: 25" & 15" stainless steel misting ring, (10) nozzles, including 6 feet of manifold line w/ Shut-Off Valve
Nozzles: .008 orifice
Manifold: 1/4" high-pressure line. Rated at 2500 PSI
Fittings: Stainless Steel / Brass

Water Conditioner: Catalytic water conditioner
Custom Manifold:
Maximum of 300 feet per misting pump
Controls: Automated on/off and 2nd stage misting controller
Nozzles: .008", .012", .015" and .020 misting orifices Larger Misting Ring Retrofit Kits and Custom Designs are Available. Please call Big Fogg Misting Systems for a custom quote