Industrial 36" High Pressure Misting Fan

The 36" Big Fogg Osciallating Misting Fan is a powerful high-pressure misting fan & cooling system. The Mistting Fan is a complete unit that is self-contained misting system that comes in mobile stand alone version or a wll mount unit with totally enclosed 1/2 HP motor, rugged polyethylene housing, powder coated steel guards, 90 degrees of osciallating misting and 12,000 CFM.
It is built to handle the pressures of an industrial environment. The 36" Big Fogg Misting Fan is durable, easy to maneuver, and easy to set-up. This High-Pressure portable Misting Fan operates at 1000 psi distrubted through a stainless steel ring that has (12) high-pressure nozzles.

This Big Fogg Misting System's High-Pressure Misting Fan is specifically designed for misting large areas, its reach of air movement is 75 feet ways and it mists an area up to 1,750 square feet.

These heavy-duty High-Pressure Misting Fans have been used for industrial plant misting, storage unit misting, outdoor cooling misting, patio misting, beach event misting, concert msiting, poolside misting, animal misting, fair and festival misting. This larger 36" High-Pressure Misting Fan is perfect for any outdoor cooling event, recreational area or anywhere you want more outdoor cooling!!!.
If you have any questions please call Big Fogg Misting Systems at 888-853-1728.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2 hp, 115/230 volt, 840 rpm, 12000 CFM. 220 volt units available. The Big Fogg 36: Oscillating Misting Fan comes in either a white or black head.
A complete, self-contained, mobile, high pressure misting and outdoor or industrial cooling system. Portable or wall mounted Big Fogg 36" Misting Fan with totally enclosed 1/2 Hp motor, rugged polyethylene housing, powder coated steel guards, 90� of oscillation and 12,000 cfm. NOW AVAILABLE! One additional 36" satellite misting fan can be connected to the base unit with included quick connect high pressure line. High pressure misting systems evaporate quickly thereby cooling without wetness. 10 Tons (128,000 BTU/hour) of cooling capacity per fan. Cools the air up to 30�F. Cools up to 3,000 square feet per fan. Requires a garden hose with a flow between 20-80 PSI water pressure for water supply. Includes 25' outdoor-rated power cord with integrated GFCI. Some assembly required. Two-year limited warranty. Made in the USA.