's Home Misting Systems

Big Fogg offers a wide range of misting systems and misting fans to meet the outdoor cooling needs of residential consumers. These misting systems and misting fans are capable of reducing outdoor temperatures by as much as 25 degrees. Through the use of different levels of technology, these systems can provide outdoor cooling to meet any need or budget. The Big Fogg promise is that our products provide “the best bang for the buck in the marketplace”.

Below is a sample product for each level of technology;

Low-Pressure Misting System: Big Fogg’s Outdoor Misting Kit connects directly to a water hose and operates with on home water pressure.

The system comes with 21 feet of ½” misting hose, consisting of ten feet of supply line from the water connection and eleven feet of misting with six nozzles. It is fully expandable up to 88 feet and 22 nozzles.

This professional quality low-pressure misting system comes with all parts for an easy installation and maintenance.

Low-Pressure Misting Fans:
Big Fogg’s Low-Pressure Misting Fan is easy to use. Just hook it up to any water hose and “mist” jets out the 4 misting nozzles on the front of the misting head.

This 16-inch Oscillating Misting Fan for homeowners reduces surrounding temperatures with a high-velocity, 3-speed shower-proof motor and immersion-shock protection. The misting fan is both durable and affordable. UL rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Mid-Pressure Misting: Big Fogg’s mid-pressure misting pump can convert a low-pressure system into a mid-pressure system. Simply place a mid-pressure pump between the water source and the supply line, provide electricity, and the pump will increase the water pressure up to 170 psi. This system produces smaller droplets which provide a finer mist that evaporates quickly. It provides more cooling and less residual moisture.

The pump works in conjunction with either our low-pressure misting systems or our misting fans.

High-Pressure Misting Systems and Fans:
These high-pressure misting systems are the exact same quality and technology we provide top NCCA and NFL teams. They are on in use and on display to millions of people around the globe whenever our systems are positioned on the sidelines of the Super Bowl.

Big Fogg misting units reduce the outdoor temperature by as much as 35 degrees without wetness by incorporating a high-pressure (1000psi) pumping module and a high-pressure misting nozzle. These stainless steel or nylon misting systems or fans have a nozzle orifice as fine as a strand of hair, producing very small water droplets that result in “flash evaporation”.

Big Fogg misting systems and misting fans are available in a variety of sizes, output capacities and price levels to fit every budget and every occasion. Big Fogg products are available for purchase or rental either on line at or by calling customer service toll free at 888-853-1728.