Sports Misting Systems

BIG FOGG is the primary provider of misting fans and misting systems for the NFL and NCAA football games. Our Misting Fans have been on the sidelines of the Super Bowls, Pro Bowls and Rose Bowls since 2001and on the sideline of every game for the USC Trojans, LSU, University of Miami and Florida State.

BIG FOGG also uses its unique Misting Fans and systems at other sporting events including Major League Baseball All-Star Game, NASCAR, and the PGA professional golf tour.

Use the cooling and misting systems the pros use when you choose BIG FOGG Misting Systems.
Testimonial University of Southern California
"On days in Southern California or in the South, like when we went to Alabama, Big Fogg Misting Systems are critical. It rejuvenates the players and gives them an extra edge."

Dino Dennis
Head Equipment Manager
University of Southern California
2004 & 2005 National Champions,
2007, 2006 Rose Bowl Champions, 2003
Orange Bowl Champions