High Intensity Gas Infrared Heaters

Modular Burner Design
The Fostoria modular burner, with ceramic tile, delivers high intensity radiant heating (approx. 1725° F) at the burner surface. The radiant source consists of a serrated ceramic surface with a minimum of 190 perforations per square inch. Flame is concentrated at the tile, increasing the surface temperature, and thus increasing radiant output, while offering greater resistance to drafts and wind. By utilizing individual venturis for each burner module, each heater achieves nearly 100% combustion efficiency. This reduces the amount of by-products left in the heated space. The modular burner design allows all heaters, 20,000 through 120,000 BTU, to operate at their designed capacity and rating.

* CSA, Formerly Known as AGA, Certified Design
* 6 BTU Sizes in Both Natural & LP Gas
* Modular Burners - 20,000 / 17,500 BTUH per Burner
* Designed 8°Angle of Combustion Surface
* Horizontal to 20° Angle Mounting
* .050" Bright Aluminum Reflector
* Reinforced Corners
* Easy Mounting via Chains & 'S' Hooks
* 24V Operating Voltage - Eliminates Need to Run Wiring in Conduit

* Factories / Manufacturing Areas
* Farm Buildings
* Pre-Fab Metal Buildings
* Warehouses
* Loading Docks
* Auto Service Garages
* Gymnasiums / Auditoriums