January 6, 2009 Big Fogg, Inc., with offices in Temecula, CA and Jacksonville, FL has been commissioned by the National Football League to provide its SIDELINE RADIANT HEATERS and SALAMANDER HEATERS at three of the four Division Championship games this weekend. Big Fogg will be sending crews to work the sidelines for the game in Carolina on Saturday and the games in Pittsburgh and New York on Sunday. President & CEO of Big Fogg, Christopher Miehl, who will be working on the sidelines in Pittsburgh, states “It is a thrill to partake in these three NFL playoff games and have our heating systems be an integral part of the big games. Our Heating Systems and Misting Fans have been on the sidelines in five out of last six Super Bowl Games and the last twelve Pro Bowl games in Hawaii.”

Last weekend, Big Fogg Misting Fans were on the hot Southern Florida sidelines on Sunday, January 3rd, 2009. Both the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins used Big Fogg Misting Fans to keep their player cool and comfortable during the Wild Card Game. These same Big Fogg “Mist Fans’ were used by National Champion Florida Gators and The Oklahoma Sooners in their National Championship Game on January 8, 2009 in Miami.

Big Fogg is just completed another successful College Football season. The bowl season was by far the most active bowl season in our history. Ed Garland, Head Equipment Manager of the University of California asserted that “Big Fogg Radiant Heaters were a vital part in our victory at the Emerald Bowl on December 27, 2008. They supplied its Misting Fans or its Radiant Heaters at all our games during the 2008 season. We utilize them kind of like ‘one-stop shopping’. One phone call to Big Fogg and we know that our sidelines will become climate controlled for our next game. Its technicians are always highly trained, quality-reliable people who setup the equipment well in advance of game time and provide excellent service during the contest. As Equipment Manager for the University of California, I can always trust on Big Fogg to provide us with outstanding sideline cooling or heating, leaving me with one fewer item to worry about once kickoff occurs. We consider Big Fogg and its President Christopher Miehl as part of the University of California family.”

In addition to supplying our climate control systems for over 200 NFL and NCAA regular and preseason football games this year, below is a list of 2008-2009 College Bowl games that used Big Fogg equipment included this football season:

Big Fogg sells and rents its sideline cooling and heating systems to many sporting venues across the country including Motor sports, Major League Baseball, Professional Rugby, PGA, World Cup and track & field events. However, Big Fogg’s biggest growth markets are industrial, commercial and residential applications. For example, our stainless steel line high-pressure misting systems have provided cooling comfort on restaurant patios across the country. During 2008, the Big Fogg team of Engineers designed a variety of dust and odor control systems that its technicians successfully installed in the field.

In 2009, Big Fogg will be introducing our new high-tech mobile Misting Station system, the Misting Zone™. This patent pending outdoor cooling system is quiet, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. This product is the initial entry in our upcoming line of smart looking misters. This new mister will be another superb product in Big Fogg’s total product line, manufactured with the fine workmanship that has earned Big Fogg its stellar reputation over the past decade. We continue to provide effective, reliable, high-quality, competitively-priced products to thousands of customers, including the National Football League. For more information on how Big Fogg can provide you with a solution to your cooling or heating needs, please contact Big Fogg at www.bigfogg.com or call toll-free at 888-853-1728.