Dust Suppression Misting

Big Fogg Misting Systems sells Dust Suppression Systems that are invaluable to operators of large material transfer facilities and to material processors. 

When ordinary water is atomized into dusty environments, dry fugitive dust particles absorb the water droplets causing them to increase in weight and cohesiveness. This causes the dust particles to settle out of the air either returning back into the process material or settle to the ground.

This range of misting systems produce 10 micron (or smaller) sized water droplets which suppress dust without wetting the process material, your equipment and facilities.

Our approach to dust suppression costs a fraction of traditional dust extraction equipment and avoids the moisture problems of common spray type system.

Big Fogg Misting Systems have been shown to be an effective method of Dust Suppression, Dust Abatement and Air Filtration. Our misting systems can effectively suppress or remove breathable fugitive dust particles from .1 to 1000 microns. Due to the high standards of workmanship and industrial misting experience, Big Fogg Misting Systems meet or exceed EPA PM 10 standard for dust suppression.

Big Fogg uses a wide variety of High-Pressure Pump Modules, Electronic Timers, Cabinets, Metering Pumps, Mechanical and Electrical Equipments and High-Pressure Spray Nozzles. Over the years, Big Fogg has provided Dust Suppression Misting Systems for several companies and organizations including:

Steel Companies Misting 
Trash Transfer Station Misting
Trash Incineration Misting
Landfill Misting
Paper Recycling Facilities Misting
Waste Water Treatment Plants Misting
Poultry Misting
Swine Misting
Food Processing Misting
Composite Sites Misting 
Hazardous Waste Site Misting
Cadaver Odor Misting 
Medical Waste Misting
Paper Recycling Misting
Wood Recycling Misting
C & D Facilities Misting 
Remediation Site Misting
Chemical Plant Misting
Solid Waste Misting
Waste Transfer Station Misting
Construction Site Misting
Aeration Pond Misting
Poutry and Livestock Misting
Refineries Misting
Paper Mill Misting
Woodworking Misting
Animal Room Misting
Bathrooms Misting
Locker Room Misting
Beauty Salons Misting
Clinics Misting
Compactor Areas Misting
Clothing Stores Misting
Demolition Misting
Food Odor Misting
Exhaust Hoods Misting
Laundry Room Misting
Kennels Misting
Nursing Home Misting
Nail Salons Misting
Research Center Misting
Stale Air Misting
Printing Misting
Tobacco Misting
Veterinary Misting
Textile Misting
Urine Misting
Wine Cellar Misting
Woodworking Misting

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