Big Fogg High-Pressure Direct Drive Misting Pump


Big Fogg offers a large variety of High-Pressure Direct Drive Misting Pumps. These pumps operate at 1000 psi and come in various sizes from 0.5 GPM to 2.9 GPM. If you don’t see the size of GPM or Horse Power you require please call Big Fogg at 951-587-2460 to speak to a technician to discuss what high-pressure direct drive pump would best fit your application.


A "Direct Drive" high-pressure pump has a hollow shaft, which simply slides onto the drive shaft of a motor or engine. The flange on the pump is mounted to the face of the engine. Since the pump is connected directly to the engine shaft, the pump RPM is the same as the engine RPM. Electric motors typically will turn a direct drive pump at 3450 RPM or 1725 RPM. Direct drive pumps allow for a more compact designed pressure washer. Another advantage is that this drive system is simple, with fewer moving parts; therefore less expensive. Direct Drive High Pressure Pumps tend to work just fine when the water is forced into the pump, like when it is hooked-up to a hose.