Patio Outdoor Misting System (Easy to Install)


Big Fogg Misting Systems sells a Complete Do-It-Yourself Misting Kit. Quick & Easy to Install / Faucet Hook-Up. Attaches to any wall, fence or barn. Takes only minutes to install.

This do-it-yourself low-pressure misting kit is great for any larger application including large backyards & patios, restaurants and school yards.

This misting kit is the perfect system for providing a cooler, cleaner and safer environment for livestock, pets and poultry. Our exclusive system provides the flexibilty to meet your needs by cooling temperatures up to 25 defrees. clearing the air of dust and discouraging flying insects.

Components included:
22 Misting Nozzles
22 Misting Tees
88' of 3/8 Poly Tubing
44 Mounting Clamps with nails
4 Misting Plugs
4 Compression Tees
4 Compression Couplers
4 Compression Elbows
4 Misting Elbows
1 "Y" Connector with Dual Shut-Off
1 Drain Valve
1 Phosphate Filter
1 3/4" FHT x 3/8 Compression Adaptor

Please call Big Fogg Misting Systems with any questions.