High Pressure Stainless Steel Restaurant & Bar Misting System

Was: $2,950.00
Big Fogg Misting System's High Pressure Misting System makes outdoor dining areas more comfortable for customers of hotels and restaurants. The misting system Maximizes seating space by allowing outdoor seating for lunch and evening dinner during even the hottest of weather. The misting system attracts great interest by customers who often prefer to be seated outside with the misting system operating. Our high-pressure misting system is stationary and designed to be installed at permanent locations for restaurant misting, factory misting, bar misting, outdoor patio misting and pool site misting.

High Pressure Misting Pump
Motor: 1.5 Hp (dependent on size of application)
Pump: 800 PSI to 1000 PSI base mounted
Ventilation required for motor cooling
Atomized misting line flexible -.008 Misting Nozzles spaced 18" apart
Rubber cushioned loop clamp: 1/4" hose
Extra brass stainless atomized misting nozzles: .008
DUAL FILTERATION: Misting Pump module filter cartridge: 10" (5 Micron)
misting Pump module filter cartridge: 10" (10 Micron)

40' Misting System - 20 Misting Nozzles, $1,950.00
60' Misting System - 30 Misting Nozzles, $2,450.00
100' Misting System - 50 Misting Nozzles, $2,950.00
All kits contain 50' High-Pressure Nylon Line to connect high-pressure pump to Stainless Steel Line.
If you have any questions please call Big Fogg Misting Systems at 888-853-1728.