Industrial Gas Infrared Tube Heaters

Our Tube Heaters operate on the same principle as the sun warming the earth. The result is quiet, soft, radiant heat with no drafts. Heat the floor zone, not the ceiling. Our Tube Heaters can reduce your heating bill 20% to 50%. The system can pay for itself in a few short years. Heaters are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

System Features:
CSA Design Certified (Formerly A.G.A.)
Straight, U, or L-Shaped Systems
Versatile - 8 BTU/H Inputs / 15 Tube Lengths
Minimal Field Assembly

40-200 MBTU/H (N or LP gas)
120 V controls with Hot Surface Ignition and 100% Safety Lockout
Single Pressure Switch Operation
Enclosed Blower (fan with Thermal Overload Protection and Balanced Air Rotor)
Outside Combustion Air Collar
Corrosion Resistant Powder-Coated Enclosure
Operational Indicator Lights
Site Lens for Viewing Flame / Glow Bar Operation
High Altitude Models (75-150MBTU/H)

Heat Exchanger & Reflector:
16 ga. / 4 Alumi-therm Steel Combustion Chamber (1st 10 or 20)
16 ga. / 4 Hot Rolled Black Steel Emitter Tube(s)
Optional 16 ga. / 4 Aluminized Black Coated
Emitter Tube(s)
Aluminized Steel Turbulator Baffle for Max. Efficiency
Milled Aluminum Reflectors Individually Adjustable to 45
Reflector End Caps for Increased Efficiency
Wire Form Hangers that Open for Ease of Installation