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Big Fogg Misting System's Outdoor Misting Kit is designed to cool any backyard or patio area. Its easy to install and meets the demands of the consumer who wants the best in outdoor cooling. The misting kits and misting extensions are made from 1/2 inch UV resistant 2 ply braided, crimped brass ferrules and UV protected fitting for water pressures up to 250 psi. Comes preassembled and is fully expandable.
Outdoor Cooling Kit Contents
21' 1/2 inch high pressure hose
1 3/4 inch FHT faucet/spigot hook-up
6 Composite misting nozzle tees
6 Composite/stainless steel misting nozzles
1 Hose end cap
25 Mounting Clamps with nails
1 Adjustment screw

21' Feet of misting line - 10' of 1/2 inch supply line and 11' of 1/2 inch misting line with 6 misting nozzles.

Professional Quality - 1/2 inch braided PVC/Nylon provides strength and flexibility.

All Fittings With O-Ring Seals - Prevents leakage and assures security with hand tightening.

Composite Fittings - Eliminate corrosion and reduce clogging/scaling.

Fully Expandable - Systems are designed to be extended easily and successfully.

Extension Kits Available:
4 Nozzle Misting Line Extension Contents:
8' 250 PSI pressure rated UV resistant hose
4 Pre-installed composite/stainless steel misting nozzles
6 Wood mounting clamps

No extra charge for shipping added misting extensions!
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