About Us

Big Fogg a leader in Misting Systems and Misting Fans, was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2000. The company’s headquartered in Temecula, CA, with offices in Jacksonville, FL and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

One of the first misting companies on the market, Big Fogg has set the standard for excellence, garnering a prestigious reputation with the NFL, NCAA, resorts, entertainment venues and other reputable local and national businesses.
Big Fogg also custom designs, engineers and installs high-pressure and mid-pressure misting systems for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial misting applications.

Adherence to OSHA standards and attention to detail, quality and convenience are what makes BIG FOGG the choice for a variety of events including the Super Bowl, Pro Bowls, NCAA National Championship games, PGA tours, motorsport races, outdoor events and simple backyard fun.

In addition, BIG FOGG has heating options including Heating Benches, Outdoor Leisure Heaters, Home and Commercial Patio Heaters for versatility in your outdoor comfort and convenience.

Some of Big Fogg’s accomplishments include:

  • 2005, 2007 and 2008 Temecula Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year nominee and 2009 Mid-sized Business of the Year winner.

  • Misting Fan and Radiant Heater set-up or installation for sporting events including: the NFL Superbowl and Playoff games, MLB games, Daytona races, PGA golf tournaments, NCAA games, NHL Games, Major League Soccer USA, Lance Armstrong Race Team and more!

  • After 9/11, Big Fogg Misting Fans were brought to Ground Zero to assist in bringing electrical back to Manhattan. Misting Fans were set up to cool down the transformers.

  • Big Fogg has sold extensive Misting Systems, Misting Fans & Evaporative Coolers to military sectors around the globe including those in the Green Zone in Iraq, the Coast Guard and Guantanamo, Cuba.

  • Entertainment work includes Disneyland, SeaWorld, American Idol, movie sets (The Longest Yard and Any Given Sunday), Phish Concert, Nickleback tour and Woodstock.

Our misting systems and misting fans are designed using processes that provide outdoor cooling, while evaporating the moisture before it reaches the surfaces areas. Our misting systems and misting fans utilize a process called evaporative cooling and flash evaporation to cool without wetness. These patio misters are perfect for restaurants or outdoor cooling applications where keeping patron both cool and dry is essential. 

Our experience and expertise providing misting systems that reduce temperatures and control humidity levels in a cost effective manner has resulted in cost benefits for our customers. Our creative approach to finding solutions for our customers’ requirements has made our American owned and operated company a leader in the misting system and misting fan, ventilation, outdoor cooling, outdoor heating, humidification and factory cooling marketplace. We design misting systems, misting fan systems, outdoor cooling, industrial cooling, industrial humidification along with dust control and outdoor heating systems to meet our clients’ needs. Call us and our engineers will design a misting system, industrial cooling or outdoor cooling system that meets your needs and your budget. 


Mission Statement:
Big Fogg Misting Systems Inc. operates on the principals of client loyalty and service excellence. We are committed to providing quality products, outstanding customer service, industry expertise and expert installation for virtually every facet of your commercial or residential misting and cooling needs. 

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Big Fogg™ is a name that is recognized by almost everyone that has seen a college or NFL football game over the past ten years. The founder, president and CEO of the Big Fogg Inc. is Christopher Miehl. Big Fogg is acknowledged as a premier provider of climate control systems. Its products are specifically designed to assure its clients that their outdoor events are comfortable and protected from the heat or cold.