Retail Cooling Systems

Company Overview

    • Manufacturer of complete misting fans and systems for over 15 years.
    • Complete line of products for cooling, dust suppression and odour control.
    • Highly stable company with excellent corporate credit scores from Dun & Bradstreet and Experian.
    • Extensive experience in shipping globally.
    • All design, engineering, and product improvement work done by highly-experienced management team.
    • Unique experience in designing and building special use systems.

Product Overview

    • Patented technology has been proven by customers to reduce temperatures in any space by as much as 35 degrees.
    • All products powered by high-pressure engines which fully atomize water and leave no moisture or wetness.
    • All products built with only solid metal components (which are anodized and powder-coated), the very best motors and pumps.
    • All products are shipped to the customer fully assembled, and are easy to install, inexpensive to operate, and backed by the best customer service and warranties in the industry.
    • Many of our units have been in constant use – without need for repair – for more than 10 years, which is why we have more repeat business than any other manufacturer.

Industries Using Big Fogg Systems

Current Customer Profiles by Market

    • Industrial:  Fortune 1000 Companies; foundries; utilities; heavy and light manufacturers; moulding (plastic, metal) companies; fabricators; construction sites; waste transfer points; landfills; recycling plants.
    • Commercial:  Hotels; food production; warehouses; distribution centres; air, sea, and rail terminals.
    • Sports:  All outdoor sports, including, football, soccer, baseball, marathons, car racing, field hockey, etc.
    • Greenhouse/ Agricultural:  Farms; flower growers; livestock & stables.
    • Residential Construction:  Luxury homes; Condos.
    • Special Effects/ Uses:  Fogging systems for office buildings and amusement parks; atmospheric cooling for zoos; outdoor marketing pavilions.
    • Military:  All branches for field and base use.

Usual Customer Purchases by Market

    • Industrial:  ‘Work Zone’, ‘Self Contained’, and ‘Dust Suppression’ lines for man and process cooling in factories and plants; average order: $5K to $10K.
    • Commercial:  ‘Commercial Zone’ and ‘Wall Mounted’ lines for man and area cooling for indoor and outdoor work areas; average order: $4K to $7K.  
    • Sports:  ‘Sports Zone’ and ‘Wall Mounted’ lines for on-field cooling of athletes during training and games; also to cool supporters; average order: $4K to $6K.
    • Greenhouse/ Agricultural:  ‘Pump Module’ and ‘Misting Line’ products for installation in greenhouses, nurseries, and livestock; average order: up to $100K.
    • Residential:  Custom coloured fans to match design and décor, and pump modules and misting lines for patio and pool cooling; average order: up to $10,000.
    • Special Effects/ Uses:  Pump modules and specially made misting rings. average order: up to $300K
    • Military:  ‘Combat Zone’ and ‘Trailer Unit’ lines for field and are cooling; average order $7K to $12K.

Shopper & Guest Comfort Enhancement



Design & Décor Enhancement


Major Hospitality Industry Customers

Caesars Palace; Dubai Sports City; Hyatt Hotels; Montelago Casino; MGM Grand Las Vegas; Paris Casino and Resort;  Ritz Carlton Hotel; Six Flags Magic Mountain; Marriot Grand Chateau, Flamingo Hotel; Monte Carlo Casino; New York, New York Hotel and Casino; Red Rock Hotel and Casino; Harrah’s Hotel & Casino; Tuscany Suites; Green Valley Ranch and Casino; Circus Circus Hotel; Excalibur Hotel; Royal Carribean Cruise Lines; Hotel Astor Miami Beach; The Venetian.

Big Fogg Advantages

  • Real Technology & Innovation
  • Patented misting technology ‘flash evaporates’ the droplets of water, removing heat from the air, and reducing the temperature by up to 35° F (20° C);
  • High-pressure pumps, industrial motors, and premium, impeller-driven nozzles ensure total evaporation with no wetness; 
  • Recent new products include the Safety Zone for the fire & emergency response markets, the Architectural Cooling Planter for the contracting market, and the Combat Zone unit for military use in the field.
  • System powerful enough to also suppress dust, control odour, and assist in combating smoke and ash.

Real Customer Commitment

  • Longest, firmest warranty in the industry,
  • Many, many satisfied, repeat customers.
  • Innovator of new products in the misting industry since pioneering the first cooling fans for NFL sidelines;
  • Extensive experience designing, engineering, and building special use systems for large projects;
  • Cool Zone has a well-deserved reputation for customer support, service, and if needed, refurbishing. 
  • All of our equipment is fully tested in our own manufacturing facility prior to delivery and carries a full warranty against manufacturing defects.