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January 3, 2008. Big Fogg, Inc., with offices in Temecula, California and Jacksonville, Florida, has been commissioned by the National Football League to provide the sideline cooling and heating equipment at two PLAYOFF Games this weekend. For the game on Sunday, January 6, 2008, between the New York Giants and the Tampa Bay Buc’s will be using the unique sideline Misting Fans in Florida. Big Fogg will be setting up Radiant Heaters and Salamander Blowers for both of the sidelines in the Chargers and Titans game in San Diego, California. Bob Wick, Head Equipment Manager for the Chargers said, “Having Big Fogg on our sideline for the Playoffs will be greatly appreciated.”

Big Fogg is near completion of yet another successful College Football schedule. The season will be concluding with the BCS National Football Championship game on Monday, January 7, 2008 between LSU and Ohio State in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Director of Football Operations at Boston College, Barry Gallup stated, “Big Fogg went above and beyond the call of duty when we ordered our Misting Fans the morning of the game in Orlando, Florida.” Big Fogg had to get the Misting Fans from Jacksonville, Florida to Orlando, Florida with only six hour of notice. With the assistance of a police escort, Big Fogg dropped off the equipment at 4:00 PM and the fans were set and ready to go by kickoff at 5:05 PM. Michigan State already had Big Fogg Fans set up on their sideline as well.

In addition to supplying sideline climate control systems for over 200 football games this year, below is a list of the 2007-2008 College Bowl games that used Big Fogg equipment:

For over a decade, the NFL and top NCAA teams have relied on Big Fogg to supply optimum sideline cooling and heating to protect their players and enhance performance. Christopher Miehl, President and CEO of Big Fogg add, “It has been a successful and wonderful football season. It has been our pleasure and a privilege to setup our Misting Fans, Heaters and Radiant & Heating Benches for the NFL and NCAA games across the country.”

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